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Agent-placement on TikTok: Financial Cash Loan App PesoCash

Background PesoCash is a financial cash loan company, and user portraits reflect that users are people aged 18+ of all genders. The Southeast Asia and Latin America emerging markets have large potential, while the Philippines and Mexico markets mainly require loan applications and Indonesia mainly requires registrations.   Ad Placement Strategies…

Agent-placement on TikTok: Tool Keyboard App Simeji
Provide a great promotion for the product features and localized content of Simeji
Agent-placement on TikTok: Video and Audio Tool App Bilibili

Background The target audience for the audio and visual app Bilibili is young people who like ACGN. The Southeast Asian region is deeply affected by the ACGN culture. Thailand has a sizable audience and a stronger acceptance of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean culture; therefore, it has certain benefits to promoting the…

Agent-placement on TikTok: Video and Audio Utility App iQIYI
According to App Annie's most recent ranking of Chinese non-game producers' international revenue in October 2021, iQIYI is among the top ten and the only streaming platform on the list.
Live Streaming Social App LiveMe
Obtain more user attention and downloads on the premise of high-quality materials, and create interesting and novel advertising displays and content to boost LiveMe's interactive goodwill and retention rate among new users
Agent-placement on TikTok: Soul Dating App Gravity
Based on the product itself, WEZO combine the Japanese and local planner and optimizer team to create a strong promotion of product features + local content for Gravity. The
Agent-placement on Meta: Casual Social App
The data is consistent throughout the whole investment cycle and can satisfy the client's KPI requirements with a peak consumption of 40,000 USD per day and a cumulative amount gathered exceeding 800,000.
Agent-placement on Meta: Voice + Game Social App FunGO
The volume was doubled and the CPI was lowered by around 10% compared to the standard material through the testing of the direction of the new material.
Soul Dating Social App Soul
It adopts a completely anonymous form and constructs a new social ecology: the planet.