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Three Major Pain Points in Digital Ad Placement

Low Efficiency
  • Ad placement involves multiple platforms
  • Operation rules vary on different advertising platforms
  • Configuration process is complicated
  • It is time-consuming to switch operating systems
High Cost
  • Rules for each placement channel vary
  • Multiple platform management is challenging for operators
  • Special operating teams must be established for various channels
Poor Results
  • Lots of resources must be prepared for testing and placing advertisements
  • It is difficult to discover creative inspiration, and materials are monotonous
  • It is difficult to send back Ad placement data which will become silos

Why Choose ADAM?

One-stop advertising and creative platform to improve Ad placement efficiency and effectiveness, meet KPI, and increase ROI


Interconnected platforms, managing all advertising business on one platform
At present, ADAM supports the multi-account batch operation and centralized management and covers hundreds of mainstream advertising platforms such as Google, Meta (previously Facebook), and TikTok. As a result, optimizers no longer need to switch back and forth to compare data and the work efficiency is increased by 200%.


Full-chain efficiency, with strong support for each key link
The whole process of the digital Ad placement is optimized based on the team’s deep understanding. Support the whole process of Ad placement management, including advertisement account top-up, material batch production, advertisement batch creation, and Ad placement optimization. Increase the efficiency of Ad placement.


Full data deployment through user reaching to conversion
The professional data analysis team combines the Ad placement AARRR model and conversion ICVCO model to customize the data deployment plan based on advertisers’ needs, collect comprehensive statistics on user activity data, and monitor the placement effect in the whole chain.


All-scene insight, with multiple terminal data in one table
Deploy data aggregation across multiple accounts and platforms with placement reports automatically generated; customize analysis dimensions based on platform/project traits and quickly export analysis reports to reduce work time and make placement strategies more accurate.

One-Stop Intelligent Advertising Platform Helps You Easily Achieve High-Value ROI

Before Placement

Communication & Research

Understand the needs of projects going global, assign professional service teams to provide market trends, product experiences, and user portrait analysis, and conduct overseas placement planning.

During Placement

Planning & Sourcing

Track each stage of the global placement, including the observation period, growing period, and stability period, to improve the efficiency of the placement in multiple dimensions.

After Placement

Reporting & Analysis

Placement data on multiple media are synchronized on the platform in real time, supporting custom report generation for historical data, material analysis data, website/app data, and third-party data.

WeMedia Media Manager

One-stop and self-service global traffic buying platform, supporting one-click account opening, audit, settlement, data analysis, and other tasks, to achieve both efficiency and high ROI.

  • Multimedia platform
  • One-click account opening
  • Online top-up
  • “Human + Technology” media service
  • Rich industry experience makes us more professional
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Value-Added Services

We offer you a whole range of value-added services, from insight to strategy, creativity to placement, and optimization to growth.

Media strategy service
Video shooting service
Data burial service
Website building and SEO optimization service
Material production service
SOP (Project Management) service