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What is the Path of Expanding Global Game Markets?

  • Product Positioning
    Determine the game types based on the experience of current products.
  • Overseas Research
    Find the target market, analyze the market scale and audience saturation, and forecast the game’s Life Time Value (LTV) curve for the target market.
  • Product Optimization
    Adjust the game content based on the market because players in different cultural backgrounds have different needs for the same game.
  • Marketing Promotion
    Increase the reputation of the game through multi-channel promotion and local marketing activities.
Overseas Operation
  • Data Analysis
    Collect Ad placement data from each channel and summarize the cost and ROI of each channel.
  • Operation Optimization
    Conduct operation activities to regain lost players.

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Industry Pain Points Faced by Games Expanding Global Markets

Incomplete Knowledge of Global Marketing

What kind of product project can be chosen? Which region of the global markets can be positioned? How localized marketing and promotion can be carried out? Continued investment and lengthened periods confuse expanding global markets.

Lack of Localized Creative Promotion Support

In overseas markets, products may “not adapt to the local”, and different economic and cultural backgrounds make it impossible to export promotion ideas that attract local users, leading to a low Ad placement efficiency and endless wait for cost recovery.

Challenges in Global Media Procurement

The overseas media market is vast and diverse, and the media are difficult to locate, integrate, apply, analyze, and monitor, making manufacturers feel anxious.

What Can WEZO Help You with?
One-Stop Global Service Solution from 0 to 1

Customized Global Marketing Solutions

We provide in-depth insight and comprehensive research of the game market, help clients find the right brand positioning and localization strategy based on the characteristics of game users, target audience, region to place the Ad, and other data, refine the selling points, and provide effective marketing solutions.

Diversified Digital Advertising Creative Ideas

We provide rich digital advertising materials, video production services, and massive creative experience to expand creative direction, dynamically track the performance of materials, and reduce trial and error costs.

Intelligent Ad Placement Management

Our distinctive ADAM placement technology can develop data aggregation and advertisement management solutions for clients, lower labor costs, significantly boost Ad placement management efficiency and ROI, comprehensively investigate placement data, increase reach efficiency, and speed up the globalization of games.

Cooperation Cases

ACGN MMO Legend of Cloud
  1. Customer Need:
  2. Legend of Cloud is a Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) game of the immortal world. It is a traditional hardcore Role-Playing Game (RPG). The user portraits reflect that users are mainly males aged 25+. We had previous promotion experience on Facebook and other channels and require to explore new group expansion in TikTok.
  1. Solution Strategies:
  2. The product's features and gameplay are relatively conventional, with highlights including Chen Yihan's endorsement, a large number of awards, and a quick upgrade. As a result, the materials for the test include a fast upgrade display, oral broadcast by entering gift code, career display, upgrade the display of each cultivation element, gangwar system, and marriage and childbirth system for Ad placement.
miHoYo ACGN Mobile Game Genshin Impact
  1. Ad Placement Regions:
  2. USA, UK, Canada, Korea, Taiwan (China)
  1. Ad Placement Strategies:
  2. Test in phases and analyze advertising strategies.
  3. Design multiple materials in phases and conduct tests.
  4. Use the game's famous characters in promotional videos to get popularity.
Casual Mobile Game Bangbang Rabbit
  1. Project Difficulties:
  2. Material creativity: The customer has high requirements for material visual effects and technologies.
  3. CPI and ROI requirements are higher than the average in the market year on year.
  4. It is required that we strictly control the cost per customer transaction by buying traffic in large quantities under the premise that the KPI has been achieved.
  1. Ad Placement Summaries:
  2. The unit price in the CPI and ROI placement cycle can meet the client's requirements.
  3. Material creativity: self-written script + design achievement.
  4. Material production was approved by the client.
  5. Daily consumption of peak volume reached 30,000 USD.
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