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Get Ready Before Developing Global Markets, Win in the March of Exploring Global Markets

We offer excellent marketing strategies with an in-depth understanding of changes in the global market to increase the global influence and generate revenue for Chinese companies and brands that develop global markets.

  • Brand Market Research
  • Brand Integration Strategy
  • Company Visual Identity (VI) System Support
  • Product Packaging Design and Creativity
  • Video Advertising Creativity
  • Graphic Design Advertising Creativity and Planning
Acquire Placement Solutions

Various Challenges and Blind Spots for Different Clients in Developing Global Markets

Each link matters including a deep understanding of global markets, layout in phrases, deeper exploration, and brand values enhancement


Localization Challenges
Unfamiliarity with global market conditions, Difficult to adapt to local conditions


Lack of Experience in Brand Building
Traditional companies, Chinese state-owned companies are lacking in brand-building experience in global markets


Lack of Consumer Insight in the Client End
Insufficient knowledge of global consumers, Difficulty in understanding global customs and culture


Incomplete Brand System
Lack of global localized service support, Difficulty in building a brand system

Have Difficulties in Solving Above Problems? Insufficient Planning for Brands in Advance is the Reason.
WEZO Provides Brand Planning Services to Help You Get Fully Prepared for Global Business.

The full preparation for exploring global markets starts with brand diagnosis and professional planning in advance. This helps companies make correct judgments on market demands before exploring global markets and effectively reduce waste of resources and economic losses.

Global Market Analysis
  • Global consumers: Have you ever understood your clients through direct and first-hand market research?
  • Competitor analysis: Have you ever used other trends and selection tools to research your products and your competitors’ products?
Brand Positioning Analysis
  • Brand positioning: Have you ever researched the effectiveness of the current branding based on your target market?
  • Product positioning: Have you ever researched your market and clients through a third-party service organization?
Brand Image Building
  • Brand management support: Have you ever managed the full life cycle of the development of your brand in global markets?
  • Unified VI: Have you ever developed a high brand recognition level among consumers through VI and other visual designs?

WEZO Provides Brand Planning Services to Solve Your Current Problems

The Complete Market Research in Advance Is Like A Professional Helmsman

100,000 CNY

per country/industry (15 working days)

Market Research & Consumer Insights
  • Market analysis: Research and analyze market potentials, market segments, access opportunities, etc. to provide strategic solutions for accessing the target market
  • Consumer insight analysis: Obtain target consumer profiles, including gender, age, network and city distribution, loyalty, followed products or services, and social media content preferences.

Systematically Build Brand Systems, Gain Global Awareness, and Accumulate Brand Assets

100,000 CNY

per set (20 working days)

Brand Strategy

Based on the analysis and report of the market research, systematically sort out or upgrade the basic aspects including the proposition, positioning, story, slogan, and personality, communication pattern of the brand;
Provide market positioning, market opportunities, and selling point refinement of main products. Deliver brand manuals in the end.

25,000 CNY

per set (5 working days)

Brand Naming

Offer at least 10 brand names that can be used in the target nation or region (in Chinese and English).
Assist to complete overseas trademark registration (the registration fee is not included n this price).

45,000 CNY

per set (15 working days)

Logo Design

Based on the brand strategy and brand naming, provide original designs of a new logo or optimize the current brand logo.
Provide at least three alternative designs before choosing one for further design and delivery.

100,000 CNY

per set (20 working days)

Visual Identity System

Logo design, logo specification, color specification, font specification, and design specification;
Footer for the banner, business card & email template, instruction manual, warranty card & thank-you card.

50,000 CNY

per model (15 working days)

Product Packaging Design

Provide five “product packaging” design concepts and style suggestions for the main product before choosing one for the final design. Provide up to 2 times of modifications based on the feedback for the selected design

2,000 CNY

per piece (10-15 working days)

Product Picture Setting

Provide services for “product + model” scenario-based photoshooting, such as art plan creation, model makeup resources, service matching, scene creation, photography, and post-edition of pictures (model, makeup, venue, and round-trip transportation fees are not included);
Support at least 5 scene pictures, 30 edited pictures in the final delivery, and up to 2 times of modifications based on the feedback.

Determine the cost and period based on the script
Brand Video Shooting

Support making brand videos within 5 minutes, including but not limited to creative short films, creative commercials, global crowdfunding videos, short films, company videos, and videos about virus spread. The price depends on the complexity of the video script and shooting

30,000 CNY

per 10 videos (20 working days)

Short Video Shooting on Social Media

Provide a set of 10 short videos, each lasting 30 seconds or less, to present important product selling points or stories to target consumers in a fun and relaxing manner from the first-person perspective of the user.
This set of videos can be used as advertising materials on social media to increase brand exposure, interaction and conversion rates.
Video size is 1:1 / 9:16.