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Common Challenges of Tool Applications Expanding Global Markets?

Unable to Locate Proper Markets

Utility apps face rigid demands and have remained worthy of investment in the recent two years. Choosing the right focus points can increase the motivation of expanding global markets for the app.

The product is easy to duplicate and is replaceable

Utility apps are easy to duplicate and replace; therefore, the user viscosity is low.

Limited Traffic Acquisition by Promotion

Utility apps mostly rely on traffic to be monetized, but the cost of acquiring new users globally is also rising daily. In addition, since the use scenario of tools is monotonous and the using time is short, the advertising exposure opportunities and monetization potentials are limited.

WEZO’s Whole Chain of App Developing Global Market

Cooperation Cases

Meta-universe Social App Soul
Customized advertisement "Soul - Follow the Soul to Find You" won the ROI Festival award - Best Creative Design Award
  1. Customer Need:
  2. Create advertisement materials that fit the product, and in addition to large sales volume with low prices, get high-quality users with high retention and activity rates.
  1. Solution Objective:
  2. Maintain daily cost and retention data, high quality and efficient material outputs, account stability, and material freshness.
Video and Audio Utility App Bilibili
  1. Project Background:
  2. The target audience for the audio and visual app Bilibili is young people who like ACGN. The Southeast Asian region is deeply affected by the ACGN culture. Thailand has a sizable audience and a stronger acceptance of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean culture; therefore, it has certain benefits to promoting the audio-visual app with animation as the major theme.
  1. Ad Placement Strategies:
  2. TikTok is a new popular social media platform with increasing daily activity in the global market and has a large user base, a natural advertising base, and a younger user population. Therefore, it is the perfect choice for promoting Bilibili.
Live Streaming Social App LiveMe
  1. Project Background:
  2. Obtain more user attention and downloads on the premise of high-quality materials, and create interesting and novel advertising displays and content to boost LiveMe's interactive goodwill and retention rate among new users.
  1. Ad Placement Strategies:
  2. The team adjusts the output volume of the material whenever necessary with the volume fluctuation change. 50 sets of video materials and 20 sets of picture materials are output on average each month.
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