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Video Creation Like Arts
Selected Expression Opening New Horizons for Global Brands

International one-stop video marketing service provider

  • Video marketing diagnosis
  • IP creation for video marketing enterprises
  • Creative video planning
  • Video shooting and production
  • Video marketing promotion
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We Provide Video Production Services for Various Industries

Branding Clients

Have a mature brand system, Try multiple paths to develop global markets

Cross-Border E-commerce

Rely on advertising platforms and website groups, Weak in self-design capabilities


Have a large number of products, Face fierce competition on platforms


Have star products, But lack in brand building

Vertical Industries

Have excellent supply chain management and sufficient capital and budget, but are vulnerable to policies and prone to difficulty in managing overseas public relations

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Six Service Advantages of Young Power

Guarantee One-Stop Powerful Services as Your Brand Video Marketing Helper

  • Centralized operation of projects  (professional team and guidance services during the whole process)
  • Efficient teamwork  (cooperation among branding, planning, shooting, and optimization personnel)
  • Dedicated follow-up (customers can control the latest progress of the project at any time)
  • Precise creative proposals (branding positioning and marketing strategies are proposed to maximize customer needs)
  • Promotion planning guidance (high-quality global media promotion platform matrix is provided to efficiently reach the target audience)
  • Scientific pricing system (A reasonable spending budget is used to outperform expectations)

Provide Video Production Service Matrix to Quickly Increase Brand Awareness

Video Marketing Diagnosis

Use five-dimensional analysis to provide video creative strategies following market changes
Visibility | Attractiveness | Brand communication | Audience reach | Production execution

IP Creation for Video Marketing Enterprises

Build a private video conversation system and a brand video content ecology
Entertaining and fun | Professional and reliable | Motivational and inspirational | Real and useful

Video Shooting and Production

Perfect strategic creativity with complete implementation
Video shooting | Video post-editing | Video special effects | Video coloring

Video Marketing Promotion

Further consideration with one-stop solutions for the whole links of the promotion
Search engine optimization | Online multi-platform distribution | Offline exhibition and event promotion

Video Creative Content Planning

For both speaking out and increasing sales
Storytelling | Theme | Product combination | Call to action

Celebrity Video Marketing

Connect 200+ global KOL, KOS, KOF, and KOC resources, strictly select celebrities, compete for users in the social media field, and quickly enhance brand favorability and social word of mouth

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Support Various Types of Videos and Meet Different Promotion Needs

Professional Production and Efficient Delivery, Detailed Process to Help You Achieve Goals

Before shooting
1-2 weeks

Determine aims | Product positioning | Proposal | Quotation | Contract

During shooting
3-5 days

Detail preparation: overlay | script | split screen | props

After shooting
2-8 weeks

Special effects | Initial editing | Optimization | Delivery | Distribution