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Overseas Media Sales Director

Shenzhen, BeijingUndergraduateSale

Job Responsibilities:
1. Formulate division development goals, strategic plan, and budget in line with company goals and objectives.
2. Participate in business unit major decisions, formulate effective management systems, create incentive plans, establish sales objectives, design, and implement a strategic plan to reach sales objectives.
3. Fully responsible of developing and growth of medium, long-tail customers and indirect business customers for Meta’s overseas business.
4. Improve division organizational structure, build and maintain a cohesive elite sales team by recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training employees, as well as counseling and disciplining employees; planning, monitoring and appraising job results, to achieve sales target.
5. Other duties as assigned by superior.

Job requirements:
1. Bachelor’s degree or above, fluent in English. Advertising, marketing management and other related majors are preferred.
2. 8+ years of work experience in mobile Internet or advertising sales, and more than five years of sales team management experience.
3. Candidates with existing brands, cross-border e-commerce, and overseas B2B platforms customer relationships are preferred.


Overseas KA key customer sales

Shenzhen, BeijingUndergraduateSale

Job Responsibilities:
1.  Build and maintain long-lasting, strong relationships with overseas advertising customers while partnering with them to better understand their business objectives and needs, mainly in game, DTC e-commerce, 3C, SAAS, IM.
2.  Understand the competitive landscape and market trends, use proposals and presentations to effectively solve customers’ overseas marketing multidimensional problems and challenges and provide them a consultative sale service.
3.  Maintain customer relations by all method to collect front-line request and suggestions.
4.  Acquire new customers in related industries, coordinate internal and external resources to complete sales performance.

Job requirements:
1.  Bachelor’s degree, more than 3 years of Internet TO B-side sales experience, experience in advertising and marketing industry is preferred;
2.  Those who have 4A companies, social media advertisements, marketing services sales experience or import export, cross-border e-commerce are preferred.
3.  Open-minded and outgoing, excellent negotiation skills, well organized, and outstanding customer development capabilities are preferred
4.  Support work pressure, dare to face challenges, and have a good relationship with customers.
5.  Have market insight, strong execution ability, and result oriented.


Overseas game advertising sales manager

Shenzhen, BeijingUndergraduateSale

Job Responsibilities:
1.  Master game industry dynamics, gain insight into the most cutting-edge information sources, have independent insights, and provide the department with information for industry business development strategies;
2.  Develop high-potential customers in the game industry, integrate accumulated resources, and be responsible for game industry revenues target.
3.  Manage multi customer account and be responsible of their timelines, data, payment, and handle their needs.
4.  Maintain customer relations and oversee business negotiation, contract signing and other routines.
5.  Ability to effectively communicate and work with internal teams such as (BD, operation, design,…) on behalf of clients and be the communication bridge between customers and our teams, to achieve revenue target.

Job requirements:
1.  Bachelor’s degree, love the game industry, more than 3 years’ experience in game advertising.
2.  Candidate with experience in social media games marketing such as Facebook/Google/Tiktok are preferred.
3.  Candidate familiar with game marketing methods, who have strong communication and solving problems skill, or have consulting background are preferred.
4.  Have a certain understanding of the overseas third-party payment industry, knowledge about major companies and have a mature overseas payment aggregation platform experience as a bonus.


Overseas BD Manager

Shenzhen, BeijingUndergraduateSale

Job Responsibilities:
1.  Responsible of developing domestic customers with overseas advertising needs, such as Google, Facebook, and TikTok.
2.  Understand the competitive landscape and market trends, analyze customer needs, provide consulting services, and formulate marketing solutions.
data, deliver periodic reporting to the sales and marketing teams providing key business insights: typical reporting relates to Demand Generation, Pipeline Forecast and Trends, Conversion Rates, Target Account, Market Segmentation, Win/Loss, Age
3.  Analyze pipeline and lead, contact, negotiation and acquire new customer to achieve monthly targets.
4.  Support the sales team in the organization of company’s sales activities, and participate.

Job requirements:
1.  Bachelor’s degree, familiar with Facebook, Google, TIKTOK and other advertising media, more than 2 years of experience in cross-border e-commerce related industry development, with team management experience is preferred.
2.  Candidate with cross-border customer resources and have excellent development capabilities are preferred.
3.  Candidate with good communication skills, clear logical thinking, and goals, with a strong sense of customer management are preferred.
4.  Candidate who can work under pressure with market insight are preferred.



Beijing, ChengduUndergraduateOperation

Job description:
1.  Responsible for Google, Meta, Tik Tok advertising account management and optimization.
2.  According to customer promotion needs, formulate, and implement the appropriate promotion plans
3.  Monitor, analyze and summarize creative advertising data, continuously optimize promotions, and provide data analyze support for new marketing programs.
4.  Regularly review with customers, organize data reports, provide periodic account suggestions and strategies.
5.  Other tasks assigned by superior leaders.

Job requirements:
1.  Bachelor’s degree or above, more than one year of Internet industry experience is preferred.
2.  CET-6 or above or proficient in minor languages, candidates with overseas work or study experience are preferred.
3.  Candidates who understand Facebook, Google, and other media operations methods, with account management experience are preferred.
4.  Candidates with the ability to localize advertising copywriting and are familiar with the local mobile market are preferred.
5.  Experience in search engine promotion.





3、熟悉Javascript 各标准,至少熟练使用Express/Koa/Egg等常用Node.js框架之一


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Concepts of talents:

“Talent is the core resource of the company” and “We must manage talents in the same way we manage clients”.


Mutual achievement, Values Creation

Talent tiers:

A clear career development route will be created for employees after they reach a specific level of growth and development based on their management or professional abilities, with the combination of employee preferences and the company’s talent development strategies.
The path includes two channels and four sequences: the management channel (M for the management sequence) and the professional channel (S the for functional sequence, C for the marketing sequence, and T for the technical sequence). It follows the principle of combining vertical and horizontal two-way development and double helix development channels to help employees determine the development path that can best utilize their skills and expertise.

Talent training system:
  • Develop talent, selection criteria
  • Provide complete, promotion channel
  • Create an environment where individuals can fully display their talents
  • Build a talent training system, Implement capability enhancement plans

In the future, Wezonet will continue to uphold the culture of “Gratitude and Happiness, Openness and Equality, Learning and Innovation, Values Creation” and be committed to providing employees with the platform for personal growth and career development.
Join Wezonet. Let’s ride the wind and smash the wave!


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