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Agent-placement on TikTok: Video and Audio Tool App Bilibili


The target audience for the audio and visual app Bilibili is young people who like ACGN. The Southeast Asian region is deeply affected by the ACGN culture. Thailand has a sizable audience and a stronger acceptance of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean culture; therefore, it has certain benefits to promoting the audio-visual app with animation as the major theme.


Ad Placement Strategies

TikTok is a new popular social media platform with increasing daily activity in the global market and has a large user base, a natural advertising base, and a younger user population. Therefore, it is the perfect choice for promoting Bilibili.


Material testing direction

Mainly use the animated shows for editing to attract users to download. Based on the animated shows, introduce elements such as opening titles and oral broadcasts to improve the click rate of the materials. In addition, the materials, including the on-location shooting and the video screen of the function display, show the features of Bilibili that are free of advertisements and free of charge and directly address the requirements and pain points of users, further attracting them to download.