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What Are the Pain Points of Effect Ad Placement?

Mobile Internet Going Global

· Large differences in habits and preferences
· Challenges of product localization
· Unfamiliar with the promotion channels and policies of each country
· Lack of data support

Cross-Border E-Commerce Going Global

· Unfamiliar with local laws and regulations
· Imperfect marketing/payment/logistics systems
· Unfamiliar with consumer shopping habits
· Global placement with high cost and challenges

Branding Companies Going Global

· Low global awareness
· Difficult to copy successful domestic experience
· Difficult to localize brands
· Lack of marketing and promotion resources

8 Years of Experience in Agent-Placement Services, a “Veteran” of this Industry

Service industry distribution
of agent-placement teams

Six Service Teams

  • Consulting service
  • Media strategy service
  • Optimization of placement team
  • Technical service team
  • Integrated creative service
  • Corporate training service
Optimization team percentage
Agent-placement experience
Operating accounts per person
Received Google and Meta Professional Optimizer Certification
Countries where we have agent-placement experience
Projects where we have placement experience

“Five-Ability Model” of WEZO Optimizers
Foster Optimization Masters Responsible for the Effect According to High Standards

Soft Skills Required
Five-Ability Model

Develop Creativity

Creative development abilities

Develop the creativity abilities from the user’s perspective, effectively deconstruct creative materials, focus on key material Ad placement, and follow up the effect

Analyze products

Product insight abilities

Accurately understand markets and product selling points, develop content strategies, and provide localization and flow application solutions

Good Communication

Effective communication abilities

Respond quickly to customer needs, have service consciousness, conduct regular reviews, and timely give feedback to customers on ROI effects

Know Platform

Professional technology abilities

Have abilities to manage cross-media and use the promotion to achieve customer acquisition with synergetic effects

Understand Data

Data analysis abilities

Analyze data, break down elements, organize concepts, and create multiple combinations of placement, user selection, bidding, and material strategies to continuously improve data conversion effects

Hard Ability Requirements
Qualification Management

Entry Threshold

Media qualification examination

Job Assessment

Senior Optimizers (SAE) with ten million of consumption per capita
Intermediate Optimizer (AE) with millions of consumption per capita
Assistant Optimizer (AAE) training qualified optimizers for party A and our company

WEZO Agent-placement Team Solutions

Talent Loss

Training by senior instructors with guidance hand by hand, Help build a professional placement team

  • S-level client training sessions
  • Account diagnosis and analysis sessions
  • Free participation in training courses
Time Wasting

Professional service process and detail control, Make every penny count

  • Official media optimization leader for team leading
  • Independent copywriting, design, and optimization team
  • Support the whole process from pre-planning, content production, to and placement management
  • One-stop service such as regular on-site reporting
Wasted Opportunities

How can the advertising effect be improved? How can the conversion cost be reduced?

  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword market analysis
  • Precise targeting of global users
  • Use online advertising to promote offline activities

SOP Service Process
Standardized cooperation process with controllable progress and visible effect

Before Ad Placement
  • Confirm project requirements
  • Requirements confirmation by the client
  • Product information research
  • Project Ad placement plan
  • Third-party data service
  • Account opening operations
During Ad Placement
  • Account top-up
  • Material request form Synchronization of task scheduling tables
  • Client material review Material review
  • Advertisement online GA/FB synchronization
  • Project daily feedback ADAM synchronization
  • Synchronized ADAM project regular review Mind map file
After Ad Placement
  • Project completion note Mind map file
  • Project summary report Mind map file
  • Project case study Mind map file