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About the Company

Established in 2014, WEZO is one of the few media agencies that have integrated five mainstream global media agencies and is committed to providing integrated marketing services for Chinese companies going abroad. WEZO has an independent Internet celebrity marketing platform that provides services such as live streaming of overseas celebrities in the short video era, and offers several digital marketing services such as marketing planning, media strategy services, Ad placement management, creative design, and video content creation. In addition, WEZO has innovated and led the business model driven by the combination of “human + technology”, helping enterprises use marketing automation technology to achieve low-cost customer acquisition and increase the effectiveness of Internet advertising through the careful selection of global digital advertising resources!

In the next three to five years, WEZO will continue to productize services and optimize service standards and the efficiency of processes. In addition, WEZO will utilize Adtech capabilities to upgrade advertising optimization technology and data application capabilities, deeply lay out the global digital marketing service industry chain, gain insight into the ever-changing global markets, develop local and global media resources, and escort Chinese enterprises throughout their global expansion.

Development History

Start-up Period
  1. Positioned as "global marketing service provider"
  2. Targeted utility clients, signed with Sohu and Baidu
Exploration Period
  1. Became the agency for Google LCS
  2. Self-developed advertising application system - Triton with 10 million+ downloads per month
  3. Signed with famous advertisers such as Cheetah Mobile and GOMO
Expansion Period
  1. Obtained high-tech enterprise certification
  2. Aimed at the expansion of game business, signed with Tencent, NetEase, Tap4fun, and Elex
Upgrade Period
  1. Served 500+ enterprises
  2. Covered 1000+ app products for going abroad
  3. Covered multiple industry fields such as utility/game and travel products
Integration Period
  1. Incubated Facebook business
  2. Upgraded business structures
  3. Expanded "creative material design" and "video production" business with annual revenue of 2.2 billion+
Growth Period
  1. Established four business divisions
  2. Google Business Division, Internet Marketing Business Division,New Media Business Division, Integrated Marketing Business Division
  3. Expanded "global website building & MCN" business
Transition Period
  1. Ad Placement Service Management Platform--ADAM
  2. Created the intelligent marketing concept of "human + technology"
  3. Positioning: "Digital media integrated marketing service provider"
Development Period
  1. Incubated brands for developing global business
  2. Platformization of technology
  3. Launched BPM process management system
  4. Became the top-level agency of Meta
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Organizational Structure


In the next three to five years, WEZO will continue to productize services and optimize service standards and the efficiency of processes, upgrade and optimize the technology and data application capabilities, and deeply lay out the global industry chain.


The 10th TopDigital – Innovation Marketing Award
The 8th Phoenix ADX Festival – KOL Marketing Category Classic Case Award
The 8th Phoenix ADX Festival – Silver Award in Global Marketing


FMarketing Top 3 Digital Integrated Marketing Agency
Unique Competition – “Unique Award”
Google Finalist Award for “Exploring Potential Clients” and “Increasing Online Sales”
The 7th Phoenix ADX Festival – Silver Award in Global Marketing
The 7th Phoenix ADX Festival – Classic Case Award in Effect Marketing
Global Marketing Advantage Partner of 2021


Morketing Awards – “Top 10 Valued Global Marketing Platforms”
The 13th ROI Festival – Gold Award for Business Integrated Marketing Creativity


China Advertising Association “CNAAI” Level-1 Advertising Enterprise in Digital Marketing
Bosum – Gold Award for Top 10 Business Model


Member of China Advertising Association
Member of Beijing Advertising Association
The 3rd Golden Gyro Award – Best Marketing Service Provider of the Year


National High-tech Enterprise Certification