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WEZO’s Proposal for Brands Expanding Globally

In the wave of globalization, we intend to provide digital marketing insights for brands at the early stages of global expansion, particularly conventional B2B and B2C companies, and help them protect their brand reputation, create values, and explore the path of globalization with Chinese brands.

Improve Brand Reputation

Build trust and connection with consumers outside of China

Keep up with New Consumer Trends

Sustainable brand operation outside of China

Manage Social Media

Build links with consumers outside of China

Open up Omnichannel Operations

Promote brand conversion

We Help You Solve

Industry Pain Points Faced by Brand Clients

Companies Have Incomplete Knowledge of Global Marketing, Resulting in Ineffective Marketing and Wasted Resources

Chinese advertising traffic is characterized by fierce competition, poor quality, meager profits, low consumer loyalty, and redundant and inefficient marketing channels.

Companies Going Global Have Difficulties in Adapting to the Global Market, And Face Localization Challenges

The experience with global brand marketing is absent. The understanding of the target markets and consumer demand is insufficient. There are many blind spots in decision-making, huge expense of trial and error, and a lot of barriers to developing the global market.

Many Challenges in Media Procurement: Difficulties in Positioning, Evaluation, Integration, Operation, and Monitoring

Global payment, logistics, storage, and other critical aspects are not properly deployed, significantly impacting the purchasing experience of global customers, and making it difficult to increase market share and boost user reputation.

Service Team with 8-Year Experience Provides One-Stop Assistance for Brands Expanding Globally

Full-chain marketing services empower the whole life cycle of brands expanding globally

Professional Marketing Analysis and Positioning

Based on the current situation of brands developing global markets, WEZO combines industry survey, customer group analysis, and competitor analysis to generate the appropriate positioning of global brands/products.

High-Quality Community Media Marketing

To boost brand interaction with consumers and increase brand awareness, WEZO undertakes creative content planning and operation on popular international social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Precise Global Marketing Strategies

As a professional consultant, WEZO customizes a complete global growth strategy through global segmentation analysis, competition analysis, and target group positioning, allowing clients to stay ahead in the changing market environment.

Global PR Campaign Resources

WEZO specializes in creating hot events to attract the attention and interest of the media and the public and has a wealth of resources from the world’s top brands to generate hot events and enhance the brand image by working with the proper brands of different areas.

Advantages of WEZO’s Integrated Services for Brands Expanding Globally

Hundreds of experts to support brands’ global business


Brand Management

A manager who understands brands most
Gain a large number of customers through digital marketing


Content Operation

An expert who understands marketing most
Realize the unity of quality and effectiveness through content


Media Optimization

An agent who understands traffic most
Maximize ROI with strategy combinations


Data Analysis

An analyst who understands data most, using human + intelligence marketing to outline the user portrait and drive incremental growth

Service Cases

TOSHIBA Microwave Ovens Product Ad Placement
Hold online giveaway activities and challenge activities to display brand effectiveness in multiple dimensions
Cross-Border E-Commerce · VSHOW
Focus on multimedia + KOL & production of product review videos to improve the quality of official website visits and conversion
Independent Station · XP-PEN
Provide Ad agent-placement for independent stations to optimize websites and advertising materials and use advertising tools flexibly to double ROI