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Who We Serve

WEZO WeDTC’s top-tier team of marketers, whether they are from China or another nation, can satisfy the varied needs of going global for advertisers in many industries.

Chinese Brand Companies

Have a mature brand system, Try multiple paths to develop global markets

Cross-Border Sellers

Rely on advertising platforms and website groups, Weak in self-design capabilities

Foreign Trade Platform Sellers

Have a large number of products, Face fierce competition on platforms

Manufacturing Factories

Have star products, But lack in brand building

State-Owned Enterprises

Have excellent supply chain management and sufficient capital and budget, But vulnerable to policies and difficult to manage overseas public relations

WeDTC Team Helps You Solve

Industry Pain Points Faced by Cross-Border E-Commerce

Severe Involution in the Chinese Market

Chinese advertising traffic is characterized by fierce competition, poor quality, meager profits, low consumer loyalty, and redundant and inefficient marketing channels.

Lack of Global Market Awareness

Despite the expectation for DTC transformation, experience with global brand marketing is absent. The understanding of the target market, industry competition and consumer demand is insufficient. There are many blind spots in decision-making, huge expense of trial and error, and a lot of barriers to developing the global market.

Barriers to Developing Global Market

Global payment, logistics, storage, and other critical aspects are not properly deployed, significantly impacting the purchasing experience of global customers, and making it difficult to increase market share and boost user reputation. Global teams are absent.

Lack of Global Team

The lack of professional expertise and the challenges of team building result in the disorder of independent brand stations and user operations, which has a major negative influence on long-term product sales and brand value.

Different Challenges for Different Life Cycles of Enterprises

Survival Period

Cold start of new brands/products overseas & brand system construction

What is the condition of the markets in overseas nations and regions?
How should the target consumers be positioned?
How can the brand be developed globally?
How can we distinguish our product positioning?

Growth Period

Stabilize traffic and sales & enhance brand voice across the network

How can we attract traffic?
How should media platforms be selected and used?
How should global media be purchased?
How should advertising formats be chosen?
How can creative materials be optimized?
How can ROI be efficiently increased?

Mature Period

Lay out global strategies and deeply explore consumers' brand mindset

How can brands achieve scale effect?
How can the Ad placement scales be effectively expanded?
How can further market potential be explored?
How should we reach more potential customers?

We apply our expertise and technology to deliver customized services for the whole lifecycle of companies expanding globally.

SMB · Survival Period

LA · Growth Period

KA · Mature Period

  • Professional and comprehensive global market research, including global industry research and consumer insight reports
  • Marketing experts assist with brand building, including brand naming, logo, packaging, and other services to improve the visual identity system
  • Echo X Shopify, a worry-free version of independent station construction
  • Media Ad agent-placement, covering global head media, Google SEM Ads + Meta In-Feed Ads
  • For the Lighthouse Academy primary courses, we simulate practical courses to help clients master the logic of the whole chain of brand operations and master the basic operation and operational skills of traffic acquisition and media accounts
  • 专业详实的海外市场调研,包括出海国家的行业调研+消费者洞察报告
  • 营销专家帮助实现品牌构建,包括品牌命名+标识+包装等视觉识别系统提升服务
  • 独立站搭建旗舰版 Echo X Shopify
  • 社会媒体营销,网络红人推广助阵,提供30x KOC + 15x KOF + 5x KOS · 产品评测 + 直播带货
  • 社媒运营,玩转海外头部社媒平台 Facebook / Instagram / YouTube / TikTok,实现品牌规模化营销
  • 公共关系管理,帮助海外新闻媒体公关稿件刊发,同时提供舆情监测服务
  • 媒体广告代投,Google GDN Ads + Meta & TikTok In-Feed Ads
  • 灯塔学院中级课程教授主流媒体更多玩法和营销推广策略,提升团队的Google、Meta、TikTok广告精准流量获取、运营和转化的获客技能
  • 专业详实的海外市场调研,包括出海国家的行业调研+消费者洞察报告
  • 营销专家帮助实现品牌构建,包括品牌命名+标识+包装等视觉识别系统提升服务
  • 独立站搭建定制版 Echo X Shopify
  • 社媒运营全方位覆盖,Facebook + Instagram + YouTube + TikTok + Twitter + Snapchat + Pinterest + Reddit / Telegram / Discord / Line
  • 红人矩阵包含30x KOS + 15x KOL · 产品评测 + 直播 + 社群Campaign
  • 长期稳定的公关关系管理,保障品牌在海外的良好口碑
  • 媒体广告代投,Google & Meta & Tiktok 全系广告 + 本地垂直媒体广告
  • 灯塔学院高级课程,全方位的掌握独立站运营技巧;参与媒体官方的节日营销和营销策略学习;掌握媒体广告数据分析工具的使用和多维度进行数据剖析,利用大数据实现高效转化

Clients We Serve

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