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Success Case


Independent station construction, optimization and technical support, considerable exposure and conversion effects

50% +
Order Increase
1 :0
Monthly ROAS
0mill. +
1270% +
Brand Word Search Volume
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Expand the flow of newly-built independent stations
  • Open overseas markets to increase sales
  • 3D printer audience is small and difficult to accurately locate
  • New products go abroad, lack of trust of brand by overseas users
  • High unit price products, more difficult to convert
  • New site-traffic to sales, need to start from 0
  • Understand the target market and set a preliminary target user profile
  • Product analysis and test plan development, competitive product analysis to establish market barriers, to seize users’ minds before and after mid-term refined operations, to achieve the integration of product efficiency
  • Work with technical experts to help customers solve website tracking, and launch twice the result with half the effort
  • Data-oriented new user coverage
  • Suitable channels to recruit ideal users on a large scale
  • Accurate user groups

Cross-border e-commerce independent stations from 0 to 1,Google boosts brand sales growth

880% +
0times +
Increased traffic
0times +
Increase in conversion
Brand word search volume
  • Increase brand exposure and increase the recognition of target users in overseas regions
  • Region: Mainly in the United States
  • Increase high-quality visits and conversions on the official website
  • Convert customers efficiently, improve user loyalty and repurchase rate
  • Insufficient experience in B2C model and overseas social media marketing
  • Brand awareness and influence are limited
  • Many competitors, high market saturation
  • Main multimedia + KOL & product review video production, increase the creative diversity and authenticity of content
  • Reasonably match promotional activities
  • Data-oriented optimization model
  • Enhance visibility, protect brand words, and brand exposure over 4.5 million times
  • Brand awareness from 0 to 1, and then reflected by the conversion of 1-100
  • The top position of the search results page gets an impression share of up to 70%+

FACEBOOK + KOL = precise realization

Brand exposure
0times +
0times +
Click rate
1070% +
ROI growth
  • Reach target customers and increase brand exposure
  • Increase the number of independent website visits and user stickiness
  • Sales growth, efficient conversion, increase ROI
  • Social media has extremely high requirements for material quality
  • There are big differences in user preferences in different regions
  • Need to refine operations for potential users
  • Accurate positioning of new and old users, drainage and conversion
  • Main multimedia + KOL creative evaluation content
  • Adjust the material direction in time according to user comments
  • Secondary marketing for independent users to increase sales
  • Refined traffic operation achieves long tail effect
  • Complete brand exposure and conversion rate KPI ahead of time
  • Create a precedent for Chinese technology brand x overseas KOL integrated marketing

Independent advertising agency investment + material design, with an average annual ROI of 1: 8~9

Average daily visits
0% +
Youtube subscriptions
0times +
Average daily sales growth
1:8 -0years
Average ROI
  • Become a brand company
  • Increase consumer recognition of the brand
  • Simultaneously increase traffic and sales
  • New site-traffic to sales, need to start from 0
  • The client does not understand the overseas media release policies & regulations
  • The competition of similar products is fierce and needs to seize the user’s brand mind
  • Independent advertising agency investment to enhance brand online influence
  • Optimize the website and creative materials to match audience preferences
  • The Weizhuo optimization team uses advertising tools flexibly to double the ROI
  • The total sales increase, and the brand image becomes more popular
  • The proportion of independent station sales in XP-PEN’s total sales has increased year by year, from 1% to 20%

1.6 billion impressions, exploring 34 countries in two months

0mill. +
New users
Get customer expectations
0mill. +
Click volume
0bill. +
Ad display
  • E-commerce terminal coverage in 34 countries
  • Reach out to quality customers
  • Generate the first purchase
  • CPA cost limit
  • Maximize the acquisition of new users
  • The user’s first purchase cost is lower than the limit value
  • Understand the user profile of the target market
  • Category segmentation, make test plan
  • Track competing materials and allocate budget reasonably
  • Produce and test 160 sets of high conversion materials
  • Test more than 40 product categories
  • The CPI price is 30% lower than customer expectations
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