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Salary System

Perfect salary system

Provide a competitive salary system

We constantly adjust the salary level to ensure the competitiveness of the salary in the industry

Salary adjustment opportunities twice a year

Your enthusiasm and dedication will be found here

Complete five social insurance and one housing fund plan

Work with peace of mind, so that your life has no worries

Physical And Mental health

Care about your physical and mental health

Provide employees with regular physical examinations

To provide you with the most practical and secure protection on the way forward

Weekend breaks and flexible working

More humane about the daily commute and life in order to achieve work life balance, and put the best effort onto work, which is conscience care from the internet industry

Employee birthday party

Birthday is a milestone in life, Weizhuo will hold a birthday party for employees

Regular tours and group building activities

Let harmonious collective relations be the lubricant of work

Training Promotion

Training promotion

Perfect training mechanism

After leaving school, don’t you need to continue training? No! Weizhuo provides a complete training mechanism to continuously learn the top marketing knowledge in an all-round way. At the same time, we continue to cultivate and explore the core competitiveness of our employees, so that you can embark on the fast track of career in the shortest time. Diversified train employees, be experts, do projects, you decide!

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