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2017 Android Outstanding Games

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  • User retention is the core goal
  • Creative display and interesting copywriting design
  • Promote interactive marketing effects
  • High-quality material in exchange for user attention download
  • Create interesting content as advertising display
  • Improve new user favorability and retention
  • Periodic testing and analysis of advertising strategies
  • Convert branded materials into universal materials
  • Combine online celebrity live video promotion to create momentum
  • AppStore No.1 in 11 countries, top ten in 49 countries
  • GooglePlay No.1 in 8 countries, top ten in 62 countries
  • 2017 Google Play Android Outstanding Game

Low-cost purchases, both new users and retention rate increase

Peak daily consumption is nearly
High quality material CVR
Increased retention rate
  • Quick start in a short time
  • Stable purchase cost
  • Optimize retained data
  • How to balance the magnitude and cost
  • How to balance purchase quantity and quality
  • Material quality and quantity. Multiple series of multiple material tests, supplementary magnitude. Improve material accuracy and clarity.
  • The distribution area covers the world, the overall magnitude is increased, and the material is localized.
  • Delivery mode test, comparative test Google UAC 1.0 and 5, combined with UAC2.5 to optimize for a certain event.
  • Set video only series to put video material on Android.
  • A single high-quality material can bring 6,000 new users a day;
  • The peak daily consumption is close to 2w
  • The next day retention rate increased by 43%

Seek progress steadily and maximize benefits within limited costs

Cost is lower than expected
Daily quantity of single material
High quality material CTR up to
Material CVR in key areas
  • Long-term continuous volume for the target market
  • Buy as much as possible within the specified cost
  • The delivery time is long and the creative direction of the material is saturated.
  • Market competition is fierce, and there are many products of the same type, making it difficult to stand out.
  • The customer acquisition cost of similar products fluctuates easily, and customer cost control requirements are strict.
  • Combine the quantity level and quantity creativity to test new creativity.
  • Add local characteristic elements to make localized materials.
  • Multi-campaigns compare different bidding and cost data, and select the best campaign to focus on training.
  • Produce 10s, 15s, 18s and 20s or more long videos, and carry out different duration material data
  • The best test results with a wide range of mixed cut materials
  • The quantity cycle of high-quality materials is nearly 1 year, and the quantity is still continuing
  • The actual cost in key areas is lower than kpi 5-6%, and the magnitude is stable
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