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Privacy Policy

Wezonet provides a variety of Internet services, including but not limited to mobile advertising business (hereinafter referred to as “services”). We will collect user information in the following situations:

(1) When users visit our website;

(2) When users browse the advertisements we publish;

(3) When users interact with our advertising services;

(4) When users interact with platforms, applications, web pages or other services provided by our business partners (such as APP channel providers, advertisers).

Please read this privacy policy carefully before using our services or visiting our website. We may revise this privacy policy from time to time, and the revised privacy policy will be posted on our website in time. Please check our privacy policy at any time to ensure that you see the latest version. The use or continued use of our services will be regarded as an endorsement of our latest version of the privacy policy.

1. What information do we collect? How is the information collected?

When users use our services, we will collect the following types of information: information provided to us by users, such as users’ names and email addresses;

Information is automatically collected when the user uses the service, such as the user’s browser information, host IP address, mobile device type, advertising ID and other device IDs. We also use cookies to collect user information. The network tracker collects information about the user’s device and network while surfing the Internet, as well as the date and time of the user’s visit. This information is for internal use only, such as optimization services. Moreover, this information cannot be traced to the individual user.

Information from Wezonet partners, such as companies that provide services to us and our business partners. However, we will limit the type, method and purpose of information collection in the agreement.

2. What do you use this information for?

We use the information provided by users only for internal commercial purposes, such as optimizing our services, compiling comprehensive data for internal and external commercial purposes, preventing potential illegal activities, supporting user accounts or customer services, and cooperating with any necessary government Or legal actions, and other purposes stipulated in terms of advertising services.

We may share user information with our business partners (including advertisers, data tracking companies and Wezonet’s affiliates) so that we can better provide users with the advertisements they need. For residents of the European Economic Area (“EEA”), we may forward the collected information to recipients in non-EU economic areas (such as the United States, Brazil, and Singapore, etc.). These countries may not provide the The same level of protection, but we will take reasonable measures to protect user information in accordance with this privacy policy. As stated in this privacy policy, in accordance with legal requirements, channel providers and advertisers need to obtain user consent before they can transmit user information to recipients in non-EEA countries. The user can choose to withdraw the consent at any time. If you need to withdraw, please contact

3. How will the information be protected?

We will use reasonable technical and organizational security measures to protect the information we collect. Specifically, we adopt multiple security measures such as electronic, program and physical to prevent unauthorized or illegal use or change of information, and to prevent accidental loss, damage and destruction of information.

We will also establish a Data Protection Officer (“DPO”) in accordance with the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). The data protection officer is responsible for cooperating with the competent authorities and supervising our compliance with GDPR. The contact information of the Data Protection Officer is

4. How long do we keep this information?

Unless otherwise required by law or contract, as long as users use our services or in accordance with the requirements of privacy clauses, we will retain user information collected from cooperative mobile channel providers or application developers. Nevertheless, Wezonet will retain and use this user information in an unidentifiable and aggregated form, and will only use it for necessary company operation purposes, such as internal analysis, compliance with legal responsibilities, dispute resolution, performance of agreements, and retention or use in an appropriate manner. Use user’s information. Unless otherwise provided by law, the information retention period is only limited to the time required to achieve the purpose described in this privacy policy.

5. User rights

Users have corresponding rights to their information. According to EU law, for EU residents, we will only collect and process their information if there is a legal basis. Therefore, unless otherwise provided by law, EU users have the right to request a copy of their information, and have the right to prohibit or restrict our use of this information or require us to delete related content, and can also require us to send them in a structured and electronic form provide information. In addition, users can withdraw their “consent” at any time. If there is such a need, they can contact us at But please note that that also means that we will no longer be able to provide related services to users.

6. About children

Wezonet will not collect information from children under the age of thirteen. If we become aware that we have collected information from children under the age of thirteen, we will immediately delete this information from the database.

7. “Do not track” signal issue

Some web pages will add a “do not track” function, which can send a signal to the website that the user visits, indicating that the user does not want to be tracked. Because the industry has not yet reached a consensus on the interpretation of the signal, our service will not respond to the signal at this time.

8. Whether users can opt out of the web tracker

When users visit Wezonet’s website, Wezonet may use cookies or other technical means (collectively referred to as “web trackers”) to collect user information. A web tracker is a small text file in which information is automatically stored when a user visits a web page. The network tracker will not be used to run programs or deliver viruses to the user’s computer. This technical method is set up to help users save time. By using this website, you are deemed to agree to the use of web trackers. If you do not accept web trackers, you can also change your browser settings to delete the web trackers you have set up and not accept new web trackers. However, please note that if you disable the web tracker, you may not be able to use all the functions we provide, for example, your preferences may not be stored, and some pages may not display properly.

9. Can users opt out on the device?

Wezonet respects your privacy as a user. You can choose not to receive interest-based advertisements from Wezonet on supported devices:
You can choose not to use your mobile ID for certain types of interest-based mobile advertising (also known as “cross-app advertising”) by setting it on your Apple or Android mobile device, including those provided by Wezonet.

The mobile ads provided are set as follows:

Apple operating system devices: If you are using an Apple operating system device, you can update to iOS 6.0 or higher and enable ” Limit Ad Tracking” to opt out of most cross-app advertising.
iOS 7 and later: Go to Settings→Privacy→Ads, and switch “Limit Ad Tracking” to “On”.
iOS 6 version: Go to Settings→General→About→Ads, and switch “Limit Ad Tracking” to “On”.
For more information about iOS settings, please visit:
Android operating system devices: If you are using an Android operating system device, you can go to Google Settings → Advertising, and then opt out of interest-based Advertising options to opt out of most cross-app advertising.

When you choose to set the above settings on your device, Yeahmobi will not use the in-app information collected from the device to infer your interests, nor will it push advertisements to your device based on the inferred interests.

The above setting method is controlled by the operating system, so the operation method described above may change, and the corresponding expression on some (especially older) devices may be different. Similarly, if your device is using a system other than the above-mentioned operating system, please set it according to the operating method of that operating system.

Please note that although the opt-out setting can restrict Wezonet from collecting relevant information to push you interest-based advertising content, it does not affect your receipt of advertisements from Wezonet or other third parties such as Facebook and Google.

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please contact us at


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